iconBase on Niche , Value Creation, Continually Business
Group President, Mr. Huang, convinced that the way to run a business, position from products to companies must be highly distinctive (Be Unique). HOTAI is focus on develop new products, in order to avoid price competition in the homogenization existing market. Mr. Huang encouraged all of HOTAI people, find a way to be distinctive business. Not only doing business carefully, but also studying more than our needs. Self-enrichment might be useful in some places but we don’t really know now. The challenge with old concept and meet changing future, is HOTAI spirit.

iconCore Values
Seemingly traditional manufacturing, added a different concept! HOTAI is not only a traditional industry, but also a "high -quality service industry" as the highest guiding principle. HOTAI is deeply implementation of pre- communication, care and after-sales service to our customers. All we want to do is helping our customers to reduce product defect rate and make it more effective. For variety of customers’ needs, HOTAI provided the best solutionv!

iconContinuous Improvement and Work
Running a business, it is not for commercial purposes only, it's more about social responsibility. Compared with "fast-food style" business, HOTAI is totally different. Company and employees are part of society, they are able to grow up, and develop themselves. In terms of environmental protection and return to village, HOTAI set a best example of Taiwan's international company!

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